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The Cookie Policy formulated by Vacation Never Ends will acquaint our customers about the cookies, its purpose and how cookies are used by us, and how cookie settings can be set and changed.

About Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent to the customer’s browser from our server. The cookies are stored on the customer’s computer, and provided to our website from the browser each time when our website is visited by the customer. The main purpose of cookies is to assist us (as the company) in analyzing web traffic and identifying the pages being used on our website. Cookies are used by our website for responding to the customers as an individual so that their needs can be customized by collecting and remembering information about their preferences, as well as enabling the customers to login to their account. The information is used for various purposes as described hereunder.

How cookies are used by us?

Cookies and other technologies used by MRH Tours –Vacation Never Ends , its marketing partners, affiliates, and service providers or analytics for ensuring that whosoever is using our website gets the best user experience. The cookies used by us essentially fall into different categories which are as follows:

Essential Cookies: The customers can’t opt out of this. We need Essential Cookies to operate our website and for meeting our contractual obligations with third party suppliers. With the help of this operational cookie we are able to determine the product selected by you whenever booking a product with us.

Performance Cookies: The Performance Cookies are not essential, but in fact helps us in improving the service provided to our customers. The performance cookies allow the customers to ask us questions on Live Chat if any while navigating through our website.

Marketing Cookies: The Marketing Cookies help us to make our marketing to the customers more relevant. These cookies are also used to target advertising to the customers while they are visiting other websites. If the customer chooses to turn off marketing cookies then this doesn’t necessarily mean that the customers will not be able to see any advertising by us at all, but it won’t be personalized while they continue to see our advertising. When the customers accept marketing cookies then they will also be able to see advertising from our marketing partners and affiliates while visiting our website.

Consent and Control: Before we place cookies on the device (smartphone, tablet, and laptop) or computer, a prompt is shown to the customers asking for their consent for setting those cookies. After the customer gives his/her consent for the placing of cookies, it is understood that we are being enabled for providing the best possible service and experience to the customers. The customer has the option to grant or deny consent, as per his/her wish, for the placing of cookies (unless from the essential category). If the consent is denied by the customer then some of the features of our website might not function fully or as intended. Moreover, the customers will also be provided opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of different categories of cookie being used by us. Cookie settings can, however be changed at any time web browser preferences option.

Apart from the controls being provided by us, the customers can choose to enable or disable cookies in their internet browser. There are many internet browsers which enable the customers to choose the option to disable all cookies or only third party cookies. Most internet browsers, however, accept cookies by default, which can also be changed later on.

Use of Cookies by Third Party on our website

We don’t have any control on third party cookies in any way whatsoever. These cookies are in fact placed by third parties providing services to us and/or to the customers. Third party cookies are mostly used by advertising services to provide customized advertising to the customers visiting our website, or by third parties that provide analytics services to us. Some of the services and advertisements displayed on our website and mobile apps being served or delivered by third party companies may be collecting information regarding the use of services by the customers. These third party companies may keep track of personal information about the customers using our website by placing or recognizing cookies, web beacons or other technology. For example, a unique cookie may be placed or recognized on the customer’s browser for the purpose of collecting certain information about the use of our website by the customer. This will be done during the course of serving certain advertisements by an advertiser. Another example could be when the unique identifier of a customer’s device may be collected by an advertiser or an ad-server during the course of serving an advertisement. This information could be used in many cases for showing advertisements to the customers on other websites based on their interests.

We, as MRH Tours –Vacation Never Ends want to once again reiterate that we don’t have any access to, or control over, the use of these cookies by third parties or other tracking technologies or how they are being or might be used. If the customers however choose to accept the cookies of third parties then we will recommend that the customers review their respective privacy policies in order to understand how their personal information is going to be processed.

Use of Cookies by Third Party on our website

We want to inform the users of our website that the Cookie Policy will change over time as cookies change, and whenever the law changes, and as our cookie experience across our website is improved by us. We may also remove or add cookies to the existing categories already defined by us without asking for the customers’ re-consent. For example, if we decide to add a new marketing cookie to the Marketing category then we will not be seeking the customers’ consent again for this.

Cookie Law

The relevant parts of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 [and of EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)] are relevant to our Cookie Policy.